Frequently asked questions
Can you stamp information on the back of a pet tag?

Yes! I can stamp both side. And I can stamp up to two phone numbers on the back of any tag.

When will my order arrive?

Estimated shipping time "from the day it is mailed":
-Canada 2 to 12 open days (with free shipping)

-United States 5 to 8 open days
This is an average and not a guarantee.

Can you fit two phone numbers on the tag?

Yes! I can fit two phone numbers on any tags. On the largest tags, 1.25" and 1.5" i can fit even more.

Can you do a custom motif on Id tags?

No, i can't make a custom motif according to your logo or sketch. But i can modify my design on request, limited to the motif tools I have.

Do the metal keep a shiny appearance? and more info about metal

Brass and nickel silver will get a patina over time;
Solid brass will tarnish fast and turn browish (a bit like bronze), it will not keep a shiny gold color.
Nickel silver does very slowly tarnish to a matte greyish color.
They are both medium hardness metal, they are much more durable than aluminium or copper but not as hard as stainless steel, so they will take marks and scratches over time.
I use thick stock of 14 gauge (1.63mm) for most tags, smaller 3/4'' are thinner at 16 gauge (1.29mm).

Tag care:
Do not use soap or metal cleaner to wash your tag, it can remove the black in the lettering. You can use a dry or wet rag to remove dirt.

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